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Our Mission ... Keep Sedona Beautiful, Inc., acting through the stewardship of its members and volunteers, is committed to protect and sustain the unique scenic beauty and natural environment of the Greater Sedona Area.

Keep Sedona Beautiful, Inc.

Environmental Stewards Since 1972

Key Successes


In General


Through the financial support from generous people like you, Keep Sedona Beautiful has made great strides in the preservation of this amazing place we call home. 

Here are some of the highlights:


  • Litter Lifters - manages the famous corps of more than 120 volunteers who clean litter from over 65 miles of roads in our area.
  • Dark Skies – named Sedona the World’s Eight International Dark-Sky Community Worldwide and 6th in the U.S. in 2014 as a result of a renewed collaboration between the City and KSB.
  • Annual Native Plant Workshop - begun in 1979 has educated over 3000 thousand community members on the benefits of using native plants and low water use landscaping.
  • Annual Awards Program – recognizes excellence in commercial architectural design, xeriscaping, lighting, and signage or community service.
  • Preserving the Wonder ™ Speakers Series - brings experts monthly to our community to discuss their views on pertinent environmental and conservation issues.
  • Noise Abatement Community- joined with the City of Sedona in a Citizens Engagement Group to address noise from the airport and specifically helicopter tours resulting in the County’s decision to take over operation of the airport.
  • Coalition for the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument – at the behest of the Sedona City Council, supported the coalition efforts to be consistent with our mission to protect our unequalled natural beauty.
  • Water Sustainability – founding member of the Verde River Basin Partnership, which promotes the use of unbiased science and education in sustaining our surface water and groundwater within the Verde River Basin.
  • Land Preservation Task Force - led the effort to secure several millions of dollars in funding to purchase over 500 hundred acres of unique and sensitive lands around Sedona that are now part of the Coconino National Forest.
  • Oak Creek Designated Unique Arizona Waterway – led the effort in having the State of Arizona acknowledge the importance of this significant natural resource.
  • Sign Ordinances in Yavapai County and City of Sedona – worked with local government and the business community to establish outdoor sign ordinances.
  • Enforcement of Water Quality Standards on Oak Creek – led the effort to sustain the water quality of Oak Creek getting federal and state agencies to enforce water quality standards.
  • Covered Load Ordinance – wrote and championed a covered load ordinance which was adopted by the Sedona City Council in 2006 making litter resulting from an unsecured load an enforceable offense.
  • Award of Merit – given to KSB in 2014 for Environmental Stewardship in Northern Arizona. 


Key Accomplishments in 2016 


KSB continues to remain very active with noteworthy achievements through the efforts of its many dedicated volunteers.  Perhaps the single greatest accomplishment this year, among so many other accomplishments, was this year’s first ever fundraiser.

2016 Annual Fundraiser

  • KSB’s Development Committee is pleased to report that the Annual Fundraiser has already generated $25,000 for the KSB Endowment Fund.  That fund now stands at $85,000.       

37th Annual Native Plant Workshop

  • KSB again offered education to more than 125 attendants at this annual workshop on water-wise landscape techniques and the use of native plants, trees, wildflowers and grasses.

Sustainability Alliance

  • KSB is a founding member of this Alliance of not-for-profits which has begun sustainability certifications of Sedona and Verde Valley area businesses.

Coconino National Forest - Forest Service Plan

  • KSB continued to monitor the status of revised comments and modifications to the Coconino Forest Plan.  The Forest Service Plan team accepted the most recent KSB comments and noted in particular their appreciation of the tone and substance of said comments. 

Noise Abatement – Helicopter Tours

  • KSB in partnership with the city has continued to meet with the new Sedona airport manager in order to determine how best to improve the noise situation in the greater Sedona/VOC area.  Airport management is supportive of efforts to require tour companies to comply with FAA Advisories.  The city and KSB have been promised the opportunity to review and comment on the airport noise abatement policy currently being drafted.

Wireless Telecommunications Master Plan

  • KSB met with city officials to discuss the current Master Plan relating to the enhancement of Sedona’s wireless communications infrastructure.  As a result of that meeting, KSB was provided with the inventory developed by the city’s consultants which identifies eight areas of the city that may require enhanced infrastructure.  KSB was given the opportunity to comment on these sites and to suggest locations and equipment that, in the opinion of KSB, provide the best environmental and scenic protection of the area. 

KSB’s 2016 Dark-Sky Accomplishments

  • This year, KSB’s Dark-Sky Committee participated in six dark-sky educational events.  In February 2016 the Village of Oak Creek was designated the fourteenth International Dark-Sky Community in the world, following two years of work by KSB’s Dark Sky Committee.  The Committee is now helping Camp Verde AZ and Cottonwood AZ to secure the International Dark-Sky Community designation.

Sedona Trail Keepers Program

  • KSB Trustees voted unanimously to donate $1000 per year for each of the next five years to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau Sedona Trail Keepers program which will maintain and expand our trails and to preserve our natural landscape for generations to come.

KSB’s Annual Awards Ceremony

  • The KSB Annual Awards of Excellence honored eleven deserving awardees in 2016.  These Awards represent special achievement by local individuals and organizations by encouraging greater community excellence.

Traffic Community Engagement Work Group

  • KSB participated in the Traffic Community Engagement Group.  This group has been formed by the City of Sedona to advise on the best way to inform the community about the current state of traffic, and to and engage the community in the effort to arrive at potential solutions to traffic problems.

Litter Lifters

  • Once again, KSB volunteers were responsible for removing litter and trash from 65 miles of Sedona area roads.

During 2016, KSB received financial support from over 150 Sedona area businesses.


Key Accomplishments 2015 


The KSB Noise Abatement Committee joined with the City of Sedona in a Citizens Engagement Group to address noise from the airport and specifically helicopter tours.


  • Meetings were help with Yavapai County, helicopter tour operators, state officials and city council.
  • A Position Paper and support documentation were prepared and requests made to the Airport Authority to enact restrictions on tour operators.
  • Partly as a result of this group’s work, the County recently announced that it will take over operation of the airport.  We believe the work of this Group was an influence on the county to make this decision.

The Dark-Sky Committee is assisting the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council in pursuing the International Dark-Sky Community designation for Big Park/Village of Oak Creek from the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) as well as doing the same for the Red Rock State Park.   The committee also organized five dark-sky educational events.

The KSB Annual Awards of Excellence honored eight deserving awardees (see

The Native Plant Workshop offered a program of continuing education in water-wise landscape techniques, including use of native plants and rainwater collection.

The monthly ongoing and popular Preserving the Wonder™ Speaker Series brought environmental issues of local concern to the public’s attention.

KSB’s Litter Lifters keep over 68 miles of Sedona-area roads litter-free.

KSB, at the behest of the Sedona City Council, supported the Coalition for the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument because those efforts are consistent with KSB’s mission to protect our unequalled natural beauty.


  • The Coalition produced a highly informative website, a very active Facebook page, numerous handouts, and an elegant educational Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument brochure.
  • The Coalition published online and in printed media 31 Preliminary Recommendations for the Monument Management Plan to gather municipal and public input.
  • The Coalition organized or participated in over 30 outreach events ranging from public forums to weekly public work sessions at KSB to on-ion-one meetings with elected officials and many individuals.
  • 5000 Supporters signed the Coalition’s petition to proclaim the area a National Monument.



Key Accomplishments in 2014 


  • The KSB Annual Awards of Excellence honored seven deserving awardees (see
  • The Native Plant Workshop offered a program of continuing education in water-wise landscape techniques, including use of native plants and rainwater collection.
  • The monthly ongoing and popular Preserving the Wonder™ Speaker Series brought environmental issues of local concern to the public’s attention.
  • KSB provided 58 pages of comments on the new 10-year Coconino National Forest Service (CNFS) Draft Management Plan to strengthen protection of the CNF lands, particularly in the greater Sedona area.
  • KSB prevented construction of a new overhead power line that would have crossed miles of high-value scenic area; urged by KSB, the line will now be buried underground.
  • KSB’s Litter Lifters keep over 60 miles of Sedona-area roads litter-free.
  • KSB brought about the designation of the City of Sedona as the 8th International Dark-Sky Community worldwide and the 6th in the US.
  • KSB won an Award of Merit for Environmental Stewardship in Northern Arizona. 


Key Accomplishments in 2013


  • 10,000+ Volunteer Hours by Board and Committee Members, representing an in-kind donation in excess of $750,000
  • Participated in the Coconino National Forest Service future trail planning
  • Continued pursuit of Dark Sky designation for Sedona from the International Dark Sky Association
  • Conducted extensive research for a marketing and grassroots support plan to seek permanent protective legislation for Red Rock Country (National Scenic Area Designation - NSA)  
  • Continued to seek comments to help to shape the Coconino National Forest Management Plan by incorporating Amendment 12 land trade restrictions
  • Provided extensive comments to National Forest Service Environmental Assessments and grass roots advocacy that resulted in:
    • Stopping the proposed Chapel area water tank within one quarter mile of wilderness area
    • Halting proposed new bridges across Oak Creek
    • Blocking a roadway across the east side of airport mesa 
  • Provided Forest Service (FS) with comments on proposed overhead electric lines on FS   lands between Sedona and Cottonwood
  • Provided education on regional water issues
  • Commented to the Yavapai County Management Plan to ensure that grasslands between Sedona and Cottonwood would not be designated for development
  • Commented to the AZ Public Service regarding the Windmill Ranch area
  • Commented on Yavapai County policy regarding cell phone tower placement and the need to have a coordinated County-wide plan
  • Continued our successful 41 year Litter Lifting program on 65 miles of local roadways
  • Organized and presented the 34th annual KSB Native Plant Workshop
  • Honored businesses and individuals at the 41st KSB Annual Awards program
  • Continued the broadly appealing KSB monthly Speaker Series
  • Prepared and approved a KSB Strategic Plan
  • Developed investment guidelines for the growing KSB Endowment Fund
  • Raised $13,000 for KSB’s Endowment Fund
  • Instituted new accounting procedures with checks and balances
  • Upgraded KSB’s rental space to increase rental revenue




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