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Our Mission ... Keep Sedona Beautiful, Inc., acting through the stewardship of its members and volunteers, is committed to protect and sustain the unique scenic beauty and natural environment of the Greater Sedona Area.



Photo By:  Katie Love, 3rd Place Amateur 2011



Keep Sedona Beautiful, Inc. is a vehicle for positive change in the greater Sedona area. Our aim is to Preserve the Wonder™ of the Sedona area's scenic natural beauty now and for the future. Our activities range from education and advocacy to hands-on tasks such as litter lifting.  We have even created an online photo contest, Sedona Capture the Wonder, to encourage photographers to capture the beauty surrounding us for future advocacy for protection.  


Founded in 1972 by advocates for preservation and conservation of Sedona's scenic environment, Keep Sedona Beautiful, Inc. (KSB) is a dedicated group of volunteers, people like you who share an appreciation for Sedona's natural beauty and small town charm and who are committed to working with city, county, state and federal governments, as well as civic and business leaders to promote dialogue and encourage balance in the face of our area’s growth.  Currently the organization is comprised of over 600 members, 120 volunteers, including an all-volunteer Board of Trustees, and two part-time office staff. 


This red rock country is not just quiet azure skies above red rock palisades; it is also litter-free roadways, gentle but effective signage, awesome starry night skies, plenty of protected open spaces, buildings in harmony with the environment, and so much more. What would it be without continued preservation efforts?


The risk we all face is that the beauty that drew us here also draws more and more residents and visitors alike, and this growth, if unplanned or unchecked, can lead to irreversible damage to our most precious landscapes and wildlife habitats. The question we continue to ask is whether or not we can accommodate new residents and visitors and, at the same time, protect the natural beauty that we prize. We firmly believe the answer is yes and, with that positive attitude, we have come a long way.

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