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Our Mission ... Keep Sedona Beautiful, Inc., acting through the stewardship of its members and volunteers, is committed to protect and sustain the unique scenic beauty and natural environment of the Greater Sedona Area.

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KSB Litter Lifters Corps





Keep Sedona Beautiful would like to remind our community of the volunteer work our KSB Litter Lifters perform year-round, removing litter from over 65 miles of area roadsides. These volunteer KSB Litter Lifters cover their area one to two times per month.


Litter Lifters are common citizens doing the uncommon work of removing litter from our roadsides.  Upon reflection, it may seem a small matter compared to personal issues, national and global matters.  Or, it might just go totally unnoticed. However, the absence of litter on our roads is meaningful.  It shows they care and take pride in this beautiful place we call home.  Keep Sedona Beautiful believes visitors are more likely to return to our clean environment.

The KSB Litter Lifter work is done at no cost to taxpayers.  KSB currently manages nearly 100 volunteer Litter Lifters, covering over 65 miles.  A significant number have served the community for many years and in a few cases, over 20 years.


Because we favor less sign clutter on our roadways, you may not know that KSB Litter Lifters cover almost the entire length of SR 179, including, as you may know, some very challenging segments.  Only a single sign at each end identifies Keep Sedona Beautiful as the official Adopt-A-Highway permittee.


Historically, Keep Sedona Beautiful began in 1972 as a group of concerned citizens acting to prevent the local natural beauty from being marred by signs and roadside litter.  A much smaller town then, these enlightened citizens conducted litter lifting duties on their own.  Soon after KSB was formed, Barbara Zeschke agreed to manage the KSB litter lifter corps, adopting more and more roadsides and special clean-up events.  Along the way, she created the profile of the typical Litter Lifter:  someone with great love for Sedona's beauty, relatively physically fit, and extremely dedicated and responsible.  And, to this day, these people have never been hard to find.  After 25 years, Barbara retired and the KSB litter Lifter Corps is now headed by KSB Board Trustee and former KSB President Bill Pumphrey.


Our dedicated KSB Litter Lifters really need everyone's help not just to prevent litter but to actively remove what does make it to the roadsides.  In fact, we currently need a few good folks to help on a regular or temporary basis.  We provide all the tools; you get all the good feelings from a worthy contribution to our community.  


Call KSB at (928) 282-4938 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  



Keep Sedona Beautiful’s Award Winning Litter Lifters

Over the years, KSB has been honored for their work.  The most recent major award was received in 2005 when top environmental honors in Arizona were awarded to Sedona’s own Keep Sedona Beautiful Litter Lifters, the prestigious Governor’s Pride Award.

The award was created in 1990 through the vision of Arizona Clean and Beautiful and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Designed to recognize those who have demonstrated a true commitment to Arizona’s quality of life through the development of innovative, sustainable programs, it is the only statewide environmental award event.

As part of the Arizona Yavapai County Adopt a Highway program, the corps of approximately 100 Litter Lifter volunteers was honored for their extraordinary vigilance in removing trash from more than 60 miles of roads in the Sedona area. In addition, Keep Sedona Beautiful fosters educational programs and a children’s poster contest through the schools. Most any day, bold signs along the roadsides announce “Keep Sedona Beautiful Litter Lifters Ahead”.

Barbara Zeschke

Rolling into Sedona from Chicago 25 years ago, Barbara’s been a seasoned volunteer in the public interest.  Together, with a girl friend they started the first recycling center on the south side of Chicago in conjunction with the school where Barbara’s husband taught.

In Sedona, she hoped for some relaxation and maybe endless hours plowing through a pile of novels. Poof went that dream; before long, she became involved in the annual cleanup between Sedona and Cottonwood. Back then it was a quiet two-lane road, not the fast four-lane it has become. During the day she was approached by the late Bud Flynn, President of KSB, and they got to talking, or rather he got to talking. Keep Sedona Beautiful was losing their office manager and he asked her to take that job. She said as politely as she could, No--for two reasons, no. "First, I won't and don't do secretarial work. Secondly, there is no way I'll get up for 8 AM meetings."

  KSB Litter Lifter Awards
1994 Sedona Sunrise Kiwanis
1995 ADOT- Flagstaff District
1995 KSB Special Recognition
1996 Norman McGee Award
1997 Arizona Governor's Pride Award
1999 Soroptimist International Award-Woman of Distinction
1999 Red Rock News--- Citizen of the year
2002 ADOT multi-state award
2005 Arizona Governor's Pride Award

Shortly thereafter, the woman who'd been supervising Litter Lifters had to leave for California to be with a sick friend. Would Barbara be interested? After some waffling and bobbing and weaving, she agreed.  The next thing Barbara knew, she was handed a 3 by 5 inch card box with maybe 35 names in it. That was it. "So that's how I started," she recalled the other day.  On her watch, she enlarged the route. Along the way she created the profile of the typical Litter Lifter: someone with great love for Sedona's beauty, relatively physically fit, and extremely dedicated and responsible. Each Litter Lifter must sign an ADOT waiver if they work on Highway 89A or SR 179; once on the KSB roster, they are covered by KSB insurance.

A senior member of the Arizona Clean and Green Coalition estimated the value of KSB's Litter Lifters (the amount saved for the taxpayer in the Greater Sedona area) at approximately $400,000 a year. And that was back in 1997. Just imagine what it would add up to today. I'd take her word for it.  "At least twice that today, wouldn't you say?" Barbara speculated.

Her favorite story? That's easy. A brand new Litter Lifter called Barbara excitedly on his first clean-up day to report that he'd found $7.
Before major surgery in 2006, she consolidated her records, contacted the 100-130 or so people on the roster so they wouldn't be alarmed, and gave that roster to Bill Pumphrey, who's been a Litter Lifter since he came to town. "We are in a transitional period. He is a good one, didn't want to hand it over to just anybody, you know."



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